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Is Your Business Losing Money Every Time You Send An Email?

Is Your Business Losing Money Every Time You Send An Email?

As small business owners we all want to grow our business, to do this we know we have to increase our staff productivity to cross-sell and up-sell our expertise, products and services. But with time and money in short supply this more than often becomes a pipe dream or a constant business frustration, because we are failing to unleash the real potential of our business.

To be honest nearly all of us have been looking in the wrong place and at so-called smart solutions that are too time intensive and costly, whilst the solution to our problems and frustrations are truly at our fingertips.

Ask yourself this:

How many times do you and your staff press the SEND button to send or reply to emails? The fact is this is what most of us do for a couple of hours or more every day! The next email any of your staff send could result in a new business lead, a sale or a referral. Up to now you have most probably viewed email as just a communication tool, on which you put a logo, creative signature and perhaps a link your website. But if you take a closer look at your email you will soon realize what a powerful medium this is to deliver more than just text messages. integrate

The fact remains that email is your –

  • most used, personal, targeted and non-intrusive communication channel
  • with the highest delivery, open and response rates
  • delivered to your most valuable audience – customers, partners and prospects who is more likely to buy, re-buy from and refer you!

Whether you send a follow-up email, a quote, an introductory email or even an invoice…every one of these mails is an opportunity to market your business and/or cross and up-sell your expertise, products and services to your most valuable audience on auto-pilot. Genius Mail powered by Rocketseed’s everyday marketing software solution is used by global brands like Plascon, Manchester United, BT Gas, Dell, Vodacom, McCarthy and Clarins. To see how some local customers like Lanzerac, The Forum, Aquarius, National Small Business Chamber, HPF1855, Platters Wine, Chata Romano and Filmatic uses Genius Mail to make every email count from as little as R50 per email user pm  (excluding design and set-up fees). Now you too can know effortlessly convert every staff member into marketers and salesman and your email into your most cost effective and targeted marketing channel.

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