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Be responsible. Be responsive!

Be responsible. Be responsive!

19 years ago all South Africans were deliberated with the country’s first democratic elections.

Around the same time mobile telephony was launched – the first of many life changing experiences. It all started with the “cell phone” which today is no longer a telephone it is a device, for it delivers far more than receiving and making phone calls.

A quick 10 years later Apple’s iPad and other technology brands made their appearance on thescene. The world today evolves around two platforms, iOS and Android – both in telephones and tablets. The common name for these pieces of equipment – your personal device. With one or both of them in your hand you can do business on-the-go 24/7/365.

Although the desktop and laptop are still two crucial pieces of business equipment the consumer cannot lug these around the mall, on holiday or the escalator. The worldwide web is in their hands, pockets and close to the heart and so will be your business website if you are responsive!

If not, you’re at a competitive dis-advantage which is the wrong place to be! The responsible thing to

do? Mobilize your website and join the first world. The investment is insignificant relative to the benefits and empowerment. We’re talking making money as opposed to not being in your target market’s hand.

What are we talking about? will convert your website so it provides visitors with a superior user experience on desktop, laptop, tablet, mini-tablet and over 11 000+ different mobile phones. On top of this our patented software also enables automatic updates, improved SEO through double indexing and mobile specific customization to further enhance users mobile experience and facilitate seamless integration with all your other marketing and communication platforms like email and social media

From as little as R190 per month ex Vat ( which includes hosting, QR Codes and tracking software)  your business can be in business, open for business, professionally, fast and in first world style 24/7/365.

Mobilize Your Website Now

To be omnipresent. Be responsive. That’s doing business responsibly!

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