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Costly Mistakes When Designing a New Website? How To Avoid Them.

Costly Mistakes When Designing a New Website? How To Avoid Them.

Few of the thousands of new websites uploaded to the Internet weekly, ever become successful. Entrepreneurs are so focussed on the look of the website, they forget to take into consideration what their visitors would like to see and what search engines need.

By planning ahead, you can avoid costly mistakes when designing your new website.


1.  Poor Navigation and Design?

When your website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate, your visitors will leave your website rather than waste time trying to find what they are looking for.
The old K.I.S.S. adage applies to websites as well. Use two or three colours that compliment your logo and use it throughout your website. Make sure that you have a great navigation system that your visitors as well as search engines can follow.
Make sure that the website works and looks well – not just on computers and laptops, but on other mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and smartphones.

2.  Call to Action?

You need to tell your visitors what to do when they arrive at your website – don’t assume that they would know what to do. If they need to download something or phone you, make sure that you tell them where and how. If you want them to phone you, provide the correct phone number in a big bold font and if you want them to follow you on social media – why hide it at the bottom of the page?

3.  Page Loading too Slow?

Website pages taking too long to load? Make sure that your pages load quickly – visitors have higher expectations and are not willing to wait while pages load.

4.  Poor Copy and Spelling Errors?

One word: Unprofessional. It does not matter how wonderful and glowing your reviews are, poor grammar and spelling errors make people lose trust in your workmanship.
Play according to your strengths, if writing great copy or spelling is not yours; get someone else to do it. Converting visitors to paying customers is worth paying a professional copywriter.

5. Lack of Credibility?

You have to show visitors that you are trustworthy or they will buy from any one of the other hundreds of thousands of businesses. Proving your credibility by including testimonials and images of happy customers; before and after photos of the problem and the solution, associations you belong to, awards you have won, media articles and many more.

6.  Are you Taking Search Engines into Consideration?

Relevant keywords and key phrases should be included on all your pages if you want Search Engines to index your website properly. Keywords should be included in the URL’s of your pages, in your titles, within the headings and copy as well as in image alt tags and meta descriptions and keyword areas. Remember to update your site map.

7.  Not Buying from you Straight Away?

Because about 98% of visitors won’t buy from you straight away, it is important to find a way to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Collect contact details – you can offer something free in exchange for their email address like a useful report or a list of useful tips. Ask them to subscribe to you Blog, or Newsletter, to Like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter as well as their Google+ profile.

8. Safe Payment Gateway?

People get nervous when it comes to leaving their credit card details online. By using a reputable service such as PayPal, visitors will be more likely to buy from you.

Remember, having a professional website is not just about the perfect layout, it is also about the content that you include on the site. The fewer mistakes you make when planning your website, the less time and money you will waste having to fix them later on. Take your time putting your website together and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.

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