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Everyday Business Email vs. Bulkmail

Everyday Business Email vs. Bulkmail

Email marketing as a category is more than often associated with Bulkmail and not the daily emails we and our staff send to customers, prospects, suppliers and partners everyday.

Often overlooked by companies in their marketing budgets and channel selection, everyday email as a sub-category of Email Marketing does not only offer superior value and benefits if compared to bulkmail, in fact it out performs all other channels in key performance areas.

If there has ever been a medium, which every marketer has dreamed about having, everyday email is that medium. Not only does every company own and control this medium, it also ticks all the boxes required to achieve marketing success and a superior ROI.

Business Email

As a marketing medium everyday business email is far superior to bulkmail, but each of them has important and complimentary roles to play in every company.

Everyday email as the medium businesses uses for intelligent and targeted 1-on-1 marketing when talking to their most valuable asset (existing customer and prospects) and bulkmail to ensure you stay in touch with everyone on a regular basis.

Business Email

Fact Benefit
Sweet Spot Strongest branding and response rates
Timing Real Time Delivery
Agility Unequalled agility – it’s what companies and their staff do in any case everyday (effortless and hassle free)
Measurability Absolute measurability – who, what, when and at what time
Ability to control traffic flow Total control over channel & delivery
Traffic Volume Traffic (volume) high – 85% + of all business communications done by email + nearly 100% delivery (open rate)
Traffic Quality Quality unsurpassed – Real time, Message personal and targeted, Recipient specific, relevant, intrusive and trusted
Cost In fact free, companies own channel
ROI Outstanding, in fact superior to every other channel if optimally utilized

Business Email Bulk Email
Open Rate 90 – 100% 15 – 25%
Brand Impressions 90 – 100% 15 – 25%
Dynamic Advertising Real Time Monthly Push
Lead Generation Real Time & Immediate Monthly Pull
Reach Unlimited
Only limited by number of emails send by company
Delivery and open rate dependant on
content, subject line, recipient interest, spam filters,
Cost Limited
only pay low monthly or annual license fee for use of technology that enables medium
Pay per email even if not opened
Message Personal and targeted.
Effortless and at no cost, what staff does in any case everyday
Generic trying to please everyone. Need to be created every month at extra cost
Versatility Limitless Applications – From extreme brand to extreme products
– Advertising campaigns
– News & PR
-Social Networking
– Corporate ID
– Competitions
– Publishing
– Case Studies & Testimonials
– Lead Generation
– List Building
– Cross and upsell
– Recruitment
– Newsletters
– Surveys
Measurability Nearly 100% measurable
-Brand and Campaign Impressions
-Click Thru rates
-Recipient Interests
Can only measure the 15-25% opened
Targeting Exact ( Acute)
Can apply and schedule targeted marketing message and/or banner to
– individual senders & recipients
– domains
– departments
– date and timeslots
Pay and Spray
Time intensive and costly to ensure acute targeting and recipient specific messaging
Profitability Immediately increase profitability and
Secure measurable ROI of every email sender in organization
Specialized service, requires time, effort and cost to secure good ROI over time

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