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Get More Traffic To Your Blog Now

Get More Traffic To Your Blog Now

Every blogger will attest to the fact that it is easy to create a blog but building traffic numbers is another story. It doesn’t matter how wonderful, interesting or helpful the content of your blog is if you get no traffic to it. It is important to look at ways to drive traffic to your blog may it be personal or corporate, if you are seeking to pass on information to readers or to make money from your blog, you need to bring traffic in first and here are some ways how;

Areas Where Your Audience Is Present Online? Get Involved

Do you know where your target audience go when they go online? Get to know the forums, websites and social communities you think your target audience frequent. There are web-based tools available online to help you accomplish this enabling you to interact with your target audience on these platforms. It is highly likely that one of the readers will get interested in your blog if you carry a message in a forum or social site with a link back to your blog.

Target The Audience With The Ability To Spread The Word

Try and target the audience that is likely to spread the word about your blog. Different groups would be more or less likely to pass on the message to others; contents with infographics, videos and great images would be best targeted on tech savvy groups who are very active on the net.

Make Use Of Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and others have attracted hundreds of millions of followers and if well managed could get you a vast amount of traffic to your blog. Open an account at the relevant platforms, write good excerpts and link them back to your blog, make friends and followers and post interesting stuff.

Analyse Your Traffic

It is a good idea to know where your traffic comes from, analysing the origin of the traffic will help you duplicate the same in future to get even better results. It is better to concentrate more on sites that are bringing quality traffic and Google Analytics, one of the free analytical web tools available, can be used to track this.

Use Graphics And Photos

Make the visitors’ experience to your site/blog enjoyable by adding graphics and photos. Make sure that graphics and photos have back linking licenses as this is what visitors share, pulling in more traffic to your blog as it links back.

Research On Likely Keywords To Your Topic

Keyword search helps to know what words internet users make use of when searching for related topics and it helps if you use similar terms and words, this increases the chances of getting a higher ranking in search results. Write high quality articles using the keywords but avoid overusing as it can make your article look like spam.

Create An Email Signature

A soft less pushy method to help tell others about your blog is a signature, it is a link put in the signature settings of your email address. Unlike manual methods, you can assign an email signature and send a link to your blog in every email you send – effortlessly. Remember to avoid people becoming blind to your email signature; change it every now and then.

Make Use Of Comments Section

It is always good to make comments on other blogs because it is quite likely to interest readers who will then click through to your blog. Interact with great comment on your blog as you are likely to make friends who can bring valuable referrals to your blog.

Enable And Encourage Subscriptions

There is little likelihood that a visitor, who likes your post, will trace your blog in future for more posts without subscriptions. Subscriptions (RSS feeds) are a way of encouraging visitors who like your blog or articles to visit when you add new content and with time you will grow regular followers for your blogs. This is especially helpful when you are promoting an affiliate business.

Attractive Blog Design

Visitors are more likely to like your blog based on their ‘feel’ for your blog. A crisp, attractive, uncluttered blog is more likely to get positive attention and therefore more shares. Make sure that your blog is easy to navigate and understand.

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