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Never Lose A Contact, Stay In Touch With Everybody

Never Lose A Contact, Stay In Touch With Everybody

Research shows it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Yet, as small business owners we more than often fail to collect customer and prospect contact information at first contact, leaving us unable to communicate with them going forward and forced to spend a fortune to try and acquire new customers.

Why staying in touch is so important?
•    You have already invested monies to get them into your shop or to connect with you.
•    They are more likely to buy, repurchase from and refer you.

We need to stay in touch and in the mind of customers through regular communication and by treating them like family and friends.

How do we do this?
By capturing everyone’s data and communicating with them regularly by email.
This is often called bulk mail (sending email from 1 to many) and is mostly done in the form of newsletters, promotional or seasonal mailers.

The benefits of mailers –EmailMonday

  1. is the best and most cost effective way to stay in touch with customers
  2. has the highest ROI rate of all direct marketing mediums.

It is surprising how many businesses do not have customer or prospect data, in fact they do not even have their email addresses in a spread sheet. We often see business owners collect business cards or ask customers to complete feedback forms with good intentions but the time and effort required to convert this into usable data ultimately becomes too much of a hassle and this valuable info ends up in the bin.

Buying data or other people’s databases is illegal, and has 2 significant inherent dangers for your business;

The first being that you can fall foul of the Consumer Protection Act and end up with charges and fines that can seriously hurt your business and the second being the reputation damage you do to your brand.

People are more and more aware of the Act and are tired of other people invading their privacy by spamming them without permission.

There is a safer, simpler and better way.

Step 1: Use Genius Mail – your smartest and most cost effective way to grow your database organically and stay in touch with everybody. Never lose a contact – LEGALLY AND COMPLIANTLY

How does Genius Mail work?


Other Platforms

Step 2: integrate newsletter sign-up forms and call to actions into your blog, facebook, website, mobile site, landing pages and more.

The process is simple and effortless:

The costs are insignificant and the benefits and savings business critical and significant. No small business can afford to lose a contact and not stay in touch with everybody on a regular basis.

To grow your bottom-line and build your lists effortless and cost effectively contact us now.

Saving you time and money, protecting your reputation and growing your bottom-line IS WHAT WE DO.

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