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See me, feel me, touch me.

See me, feel me, touch me.

These days every self-respecting business boasts a website. The “do you have a website?” question is something of the past. The web and website are business critical tools which no business should be without. Your website is your face to the world. Here, people ought to be able to see, feel and touch your business – from around the world and around the clock, giving businesses and brands the opportunity to be in customers’ consideration set, irrespective of geographic location.

Your website’s biggest challenge is to be found on the World Wide Web. What is the first thing people do when looking for products or services they want or need? They revert to Google. And for your brand to pop up on the first search page your site must be optimized for “search engines” and your content contain the right keywords and combinations that match those used by people when searching for a product or service provider.

Thereafter, and in no specific sequence, it is imperative you tell people your story, from A – Z: About your business. Your people. Your Difference. Your products and pricing. Availability – online or stores. In a world where less people rely less on brands and more and more on other people has to say – customer lists, testimonials, case studies and success stories has become a key ingredient for online success.

A well planned and developed website is your most cost effective publicity and selling tool – your brand’s own television station. Communication on the web, much like the world’s large new channels need to be Relevant, Original and Impactful. No real estate wastage or wasting potential customers’ time. Today everybody suffers from time deprivation… If your message is not relevant and compelling it’ll go over the browsers’ head and he’ll abort your site. If what you offer is not original it’ll will conjure up a yawn and the customer lost for life.

Lastly, if your proposition isn’t communicated in an Impactful way to leave lasting impression you’ll make no new friends. The bottom line? We’re trading in a competitive world and cannot afford to bore people to death in trying to sell them a product or service. There is no second chance to make a first impression and today everyone is a specialist in his own field. Brand owners that are serious about their business do what they do best and leave services such as web design to specialist service providers who know how best to sell reputation, services and products in the virtual world.

The most important consideration when embarking on website development or redevelopment? What is the objective? Are you selling a concept or changing perceptions? Is yours an information site? Or a product and online shopping site? No matter what, the most important feature of your website lies in the call to action. A political party’s site will aim to change perceptions and “buy” votes over time, whilst an online bookshop wishes to sell more books. And a garden service would persuade people to buy their premium quality talent in maintaining a proud garden. Horses for courses …

In the times we are living and working in every brand, service or person for that matter should have a website, which is the easy part. The challenge? To do it efficiently, cost effectively and intelligently with functionality that provides ROI, be it real time or over time. Time to stick to the knitting – do what you do best and leave website development to the specialists who promise you too will be seen, heard of and flourishing like hundreds of our other clients.

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