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The best customer you can get, is the one you already have

The best customer you can get, is the one you already have

In business and especially in small business, we all want to grow our revenues, profitability, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

On the other side our customers are bombarded with higher taxes, lower benefits and increased inflation and is increasingly looking to counter this by getting more value, savings and better service.

A key driver of success for any businesses in future will be the ability to create trusted brands and sound relationships with customers to secure repeater business and new business referrals or Word of Mouth (WOM) as it is often called.

But, as small business we often fail to grasp the POWER and IMPORTANCE of WOM, as we are often so busy looking for the next customer or buck to boost our cash flow or cover costs at the end of the month. Although we cannot change the past, none of us can afford not to re-connect and re-energise the relationship we have with our customers to ensure that we re-motivate them to:

  • Buy again and more from us
  • Participate in our specials
  • Most importantly, recommend us to others

Many of our customers tell us that they don’t have the time, money or resources to do this. This is simply not TRUE. Even if you are a one man business you have at your fingertips a very powerful, targeted and cost-effective medium to start doing this effortlessly.

So what is this medium? Believe it or not, it’s the daily email you use to send targeted communication to your customers and prospects every day. On what do we base this statement?

If you combine the facts that:

  • The best customer you can get is the one you already have
  • Most small businesses have limited or no marketing budgets
  • 85% + of all communication with customers is via email
  • Everyday business email has the highest (99%) delivery and open rate, making it your most trusted communication channel

The only conclusion that you can make is that your daily business email has the potential to be your most effective and targeted marketing medium, which you can track and monitor in real time.

Statistics show that most small businesses are unaware and unaffected about the importance and ability of email to help them grow their business, make their brand memorable and make every touch point count with their customers and prospects.

What every business needs and wants is a marketing and advertising channel:

  • That works
  • Where you have control at your fingertips
  • That is exposed to selected target audiences
  • That you can afford, easily access and leverage off
  • Where you can monitor and respond to recipient actions in real time
  • That give you results you can measure and a guaranteed ROI

These clients are taking full advantage of their daily business emails to punch above their weight. What will you do, knowing that the next email you or your staff send is a branding, marketing and advertising opportunity forever lost?

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