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Top 10 Different Types of Content that Give You a Return on Your Investment

Top 10 Different Types of Content that Give You a Return on Your Investment

Your site content should match the interest of the audience visiting your site. For instance, if you are an art shop, your audience will consist of hobbyists and artists looking for a particular item. In that case, a summary and description of your product are more important than case studies and testimonials. However, if you are selling a product or service that is innovative, then you would want to emphasise the case studies and testimonials instead.

  1. Product Summaries: When a person scrolls through a list of items, they will glance at the summary first before clicking on the final details. This should include an overall view without too many specific details.
  2. Product Descriptions:  The product description should be heavy on detail, including all aspects of the product; the how and when and where so to speak.  Your pricing should be indicated here as well as a time line for delivering on the final product. Here you can also indicate complementary items that will enhance the original product
  3. Blog Articles: Blog articles can take on a variety of formats i.e. conversational, entertainment, listing of benefits, controversy, how-to, storytelling and a plethora of others. If your Blog is good, it will develop a core group of loyal followers and repeat visitors who will help get the word out about your business and products by sharing your posts on social media.
  4. FAQs: By adding a list of frequently asked questions and their solutions, you can avoid phone lines being tied up by easy to solve problems. This is a vital part of customer service and will increase your customer services reach without costing any additional money.
  5. Technical Support Specifications: You can reduce overhead by providing the type of content that your audience is most likely searching for by having a technical support specifications area where they can get information on how to use your product properly.
  6. Hints, Tips, and Fact Sheets:  Newbies or novices need definite instruction with hints and tips and fact sheets. Smaller, less technical documents are easier to digest and they will still get great value from the post. This can help them better their skill in the long run and they will become better at what they do.
  7. Tutorials: Once they get what you do with a certain product or service, their goals will become grander. In such a case, more education is needed through tutorials and workshops to help gain the skill in less time by using your products and services.
  8. Case Studies: When you launch a new product or service, it can be met with a lot of scepticism especially if it includes a product not readily available and or used frequently. Providing case studies will help reduce fear of something new and raise the level of authority of the content of your site.
  9. Testimonials: Others vouching for your companies’ ability is more persuasive that you just telling people that you can produce results.
  10. Thank You Pages: Last but not least – make use of your online “Thank You” page properly. This can be one of the highest converting pages in your site if you position it correctly. Once a person has bought your product, this is the time when they have shown that they trust in your company and this is the best time to upsell and cross sell. You can do this by offering add ons on the “Thank You” page which will show your appreciation for their business and give them a reason to purchase something else either immediately or later.

If you can master these skills (or outsource them) you are on the road towards effective, high-performing content and you will reap the rewards in more business and exposure.

If you need help with your content, be it a content review, strategy or writing your site content, contact us today for a chat.

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