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What exactly is a QR Code?

What exactly is a QR Code?

The abbreviation for Quick Response Code it is a piece of technology which cost marketers and businesses not a cent to create and use in everyday business. Smart phones and tablets are the order of the day and the personal device of the future (which is here!) which when used to scan a QR Code instantly takes customers to a designated web page you would like them to go to.

Quick response – within seconds you have your customers or prospects exactly where you want them. Your brand in their hands! Call it a barcode on steroids, if you wish. QR Codes can be employed for a myriad of applications: part numbers, information page, promotions, competitions, new product launches, surveys, database building, directions, find us, the list goes on and on.

Interactive and compatible with virtually all social media platforms including google maps, Facebook, Trip Advisor and off course your own website, blog, print brochures, posters and tattoos! What makes QR Codes so great? Is that it allows you to merge your online and offline marketing activities. Save your consumers the time and trouble of typing long URL’s, or web address with post fixes. It alleviates a basic frustration – finger errors. It is fast, direct and instantly displays your message on consumers’ mobile phone taking you to within arm’s length, or 5 seconds of engagement and successful call to action.

Download your FREE smartphone and tablet QR Code reader and generator here to see what we are talking about. We have assisted hundreds of clients in successful QR campaign development of all sorts. Like any form of communication with a result expectation, if your business objective is single-minded and clear results are in the offing.

If you have ideas up your sleeve you need to liberate, talk to us for Quick Response delivery.

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