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Which acronym? CEO, SEO, ROI?

Which acronym? CEO, SEO, ROI?

Which is more important the CEO or ROI? Boss or Bottom Line? If no SEO, both the boss and bottom line are jeopardized!

Simply put SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is how people find your brand of service and “how people buy” in the digital space. Arguably the most important feature or backbone to everydigital marketer’s survival in business. If, for whatever reason, information or online sales, your business has a website then you need a healthy dose of SEO.

Why? Because this is how people find your business when they go googling for whatever it is you and a potential million other vendors are selling. By “selling” we don’t necessarily mean transacting in Rand, Dollar or Sterling but also information, education, awareness or simply “how to find or where to find” your bricks and mortar store. In the digital world size does matter – here the one-man business competes toe to toe with large business because they’re all competing for browsers’ attention on the keyboard and computer screen.

So what is SEO and what does it do for your business?

It’s the art of helping people find your needle in haystack before any of the other millions of needles.

It’s like a customer magically coming across your name by randomly opening the Yellow Pages. Is it that easy? NO! At we employ people talented in knowing “how to speak in silence” to browsers when seeking a specific widget or service. Our SEO specialists know how to effectively and efficiently embed communication leads in the back-end of your website to ensure when a prospect googles and browses in your category of business your needle pops out of the haystack ahead of the other million.

This is SEO in a nutshell. It is the legal and intelligent way of gaining a competitive advantage over your opposition. Don’t try and do the math – leave it to us. That’s what our SEO specialists do while you’re making sure you’re open for business 24/7/365. Simple as that.

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