8 things Hotels, Guest Houses and Lodges must do during Covid-19


We are certainly in uncharted waters, considering that there have never been mandatory closures of hotels, guest houses, game lodges or restaurants before.

So how do you navigate this crisis when you are not receiving bookings and have very little visibility in terms of the short to medium term future?

We do know that doing nothing is not an option, and that you must at least do the following 8 things:

  • Keep communicating, as information drives the guest journey.
  • Be accommodating and flexible with bookings and terms
  • Be understanding.  Remember many customers are in the same position and will appreciate it when you stay in touch.
  • Be pro-active. Help them plan their first stay. Your customers are also under lockdown and look forward to getting out and breaking away.
  • Be Innovative. Put together packages or upgrades on first visits and include value added services that will appeal to them.
  • Be predictive. Now is the time to think about the future and ask yourself which customers are most likely to book first, and which rates and packages will be best suited to them.
  • Be targeted. You know your local and regional customers will return first and the more distant ones later. Plan and communicate accordingly
  • Be perceptive. Look around you and see what others are doing that works (we will do this for you in any case)

We would urge you not to sit back and wait, as every day you wait might be a day to late.

And remember we are standing by to help and guide you every step of the way.

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