Common Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Social Media

Social media platforms prove to be a powerful and cost effective marketing tool when they are used the right way. To get the most out of your social media, here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make that should be avoided:

There Isn’t Any Social Media Plan

We are often so tempted to quickly gain fans or followers and have a strong social media presence, that we start posting to social media without having a plan first. Not being prepared can mean that post engagement isn’t all that great and our feeds end up looking rushed and disorganised.

A social media plan doesn’t need much to be effective, but it should at least consider:

  • How often updates will be posted to your social media pages.
  • The best times and days to post to get the most out of likes and comments from followers.
  • Holidays and events that are happening in future that your business can take advantage of.
  • Content that can be shared from other sources that adds value to followers’ lives, but stays relevant to your business.
  • Where you will be getting the external content from.
  • A schedule for checking the analytics on our social media (at least once a month is a good rule-of-thumb)

Using a Content Calendar every month is helpful to set up plans for your social media and for mapping out the most important days to focus your posts and content around. In need of some ideas? Check out our content calendars to get you started!

Not Getting To Know The People Who Love Our Brands

Sometimes we have a large following on social media, but we don’t really know much about the people keeping up-to-date with our brand. The best way to get to know what our fans are interested in is to get to know them a little better by engaging with them. Knowledge is power, and knowing more about the people who love our brands gives us an opportunity to make and post specific content that will convert our fans into paying customers.

Having Accounts On Too Many Social Media Platforms

Feeling pressured to be on every social media platform means that we don’t often think about which ones will work best for our businesses. Not every kind of social media will be beneficial to our brands. It’s better to spend some time having a look at the platforms that will work best for the online marketing goals we have, and then focusing on using the social media that will be the most valuable resources.

Using All Social Media Platforms The Same Way

Social media platforms are all different, and are used by followers to communicate and engage differently. When we have social media accounts on various platforms, it’s important to create and share content that is unique for each of them. We should also be keeping track of how our audience responds to things we post, so we can post the content that they want to see the most. Doing this will stop fans from getting bored and will keep them liking and commenting on the things we share.

Too Much Of Our Social Media Is About Us

Social media is a great promotional tool, but making too much of what we post about ourselves will end up boring our followers.

Instead of focusing on ourselves, we should be focusing on sharing content with our followers that adds value to their lives. Most of what we’re posting should be information, tips, and blog posts that are valuable to our fans. Only a small amount of what we share should be using our social media as a promotional tool to let our audience know about new things, our products and services and any events that we are hosting. Keeping the 80/20 rule in mind is a good way to keep this in check.

We Don’t Respond To Our Audience Fast Enough

When it comes to the reputation of our brands in the social media space, paying attention to what our audience has to say and responding to that quickly is important. Not taking the time to respond to our followers as soon as possible (especially when there are complaints or negative remarks) can lead to a loss of potential customers and damage our reputations.

Even if there isn’t any time to respond immediately, managing the expectations of our followers by letting them know that we’re aware of the problem and working on it does a lot to ease tensions. Making sure that notifications are enabled is also a great way to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Our Focus Is On Quantity Instead Of Quality

Sometimes we are so focused on gaining a large following on social media that we forget that numbers don’t necessarily translate into sales for our business. Having a smaller number of fans that are engaged with our brands and who talk about our businesses to their friends and family is more valuable than having a large following that don’t really engage.

It’s important to focus on gaining an audience that is highly interested and engaged with our brands, even if that means that the numbers aren’t high.

We Aren’t Using Our Analytics To Our Advantage (Or At All)

Checking up on analytics regularly is the best way to see what content our audiences are engaging with the most. In this way, we have a better idea of the kind of content we should be creating to get our followers to share, and like, and comment on the posts that we share. When we aren’t checking up on analytics, even if it’s only once a month – we are missing out on opportunities to keep (and get new) followers interested in our brands and businesses.

If your social media is in need of a little TLC, we have the skills to help you out! We are just a phone call away, so get in touch.


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