Don’t complain… if you don’t do the marketing basics right


The basic ingredients for marketing success is not a secret. Why is it then that so many businesses simply ignore to:

  • Stay in touch with all their customers and prospects
  • Share their stories and journey with them
  • Show that they care about them and add value to their lives
  • Make every touchpoint with them count

Is it time, ignorance or cost? It can’t be a time factor as most of this can be automated. And it can also not be a cost factor as the cost to do the basics right is minuscule in comparison with other non-core marketing activities.

What boggles the mind most is that many businesses continue to spend money on marketing activities and channels that add little or no value to their business whilst ignoring their most valuable assets – their existing customers and the channels they already own and control.

To be honest, you simply can’t complain about business if you choose not to do the basics and ignore the people who are most likely to purchase, repurchase and refer you.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start and it can be done quickly , effortlessly and cost effectively.

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