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As marketers and / or business owner your opinion about Valentine’s day does not really matter. The fact is Valentine’s day presents you with an opportunity to build better relationships with your customers and potentially make more sales.

Showing customers you care and making every touch point with them count are marketing basics. If you don’t do the basics, don’t complain about business or losing customers.

You have everything you need to do the basics right at your fingertips. You know who your customers are, you communicate with them every day by email and know what to say or offer them on Valentine’s day.

So all you need to do is to decide on a Valentine’s Day campaign, insert it into your business email and schedule it to run for the month of February or for a period up to Valentine’s day like these businesses do below.

Do you want to maximise your reach and impact? Combine your business email campaigns with bulk mailers. You can send a Valentine’s message to all your customers on the day. Or for special offers, send your mailer a week before to be followed up with a final reminder mail a few days prior to the 14th .

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