Get your Best Projects in front of your Ideal Customers and Prospects everyday

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Get your Best Projects in front of your Ideal Customers and Prospects everyday

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.

You have just “uploaded” those stunning pictures and info of a new project you have completed onto your website; one that you and your team worked so hard to perfect.  You know people will be impressed by it and you cannot wait to share and showcase it to the world and beyond.

But the million-dollar question is  “How do I do this?”

Producing and uploading great content is half the battle won. Getting prospects and people you care about to find and consume it is the other half.

There are several costly and time-consuming ways you can try to do this, but none are so easy, effective and effortless as your Everyday Business Email using geniusmail.

Yip, you can leverage all those emails that you and your team already send out every day to showcase your projects to your customers and prospects. Yes, exactly the people you want to show it to. And yes, we know it’s obvious.

Fortunately, with geniusmail your frustrations are over, and you can rest assured that the moment you publish a new project on your website it will be showcased on every email (with links back)  that you and your team send.

Project banners have proven to drive engagement, generate leads, ensure selection and shorten sales cycles for customers from various industries world-wide.

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