Sales Emails That Pack A Punch


Getting hundreds of emails every day means that mostly, emails are just being skimmed over before they are sent to the trash. Because time is so limited, if the emails that you’re sending are not making an immediate impact, they are more likely to end up in the junk pile.

We have a few tips for writing sales emails that pack a punch, and give you the best chance of having your emails opened, read and replied to:

The Subject-Line and First Sentence Are Key

Sometimes we can spend too much time invested in the body of the emails we send and quickly add a subject line just before sending it off. But it’s far more important to pay attention to the subject line and first sentence of the emails we write – especially if we want them to be read.

Most people skim through their emails on mobile devices or email programs that only show a preview of the message (mostly the subject line and first sentence). We need to make sure that the subject lines of our emails are compelling, and provide some value right from the start. Keeping-in-mind that they should be simple and easy to read at a glance. The first sentence should add a personal touch, so that the combination of the two vastly increases the chances of the sales emails we send being opened.

Don’t Be So Formal

Impressing leads with the structure and quality of our writing is not the goal. Especially in a world where formal-sounding emails are the most likely to be sent to the trash. We should do our best to keep our sales emails conversational, friendly and informal to put the minds of our recipients at ease. That way, we have a higher chance of setting up a sales meeting to display our wares and make valuable connections.

Be Well-Informed To Add A Personal Touch

Sales are not as much about our products as they are about selling solutions to the problems people face. Doing a little research on your prospects goes a long way in being able to offer people a fix to their frustrations.

We can use social media and search engines to find out more information about the people we are emailing, to add a personal touch and have more insight about the issues they may have that can be solved by what we have to offer. It’s best to try and greet all leads by name, and not to send a carbon copy of the same email to everyone – we should try to target each organisation specifically with emails that are directed towards their unique requirements.

Short, Sweet And To-The-Point

The goal of sales emails is to get the recipients to respond, so we don’t want to craft lengthy emails with too much information right from the start. Sending emails that have multiple paragraphs and are too long to read quickly, are often the biggest mistake made.

Our emails shouldn’t exceed more than about 5 or 6 sentences, and should get to the point as fast as possible. The shorter, the better. When we manage to catch the attention of our prospects’ with our subject lines, we need to keep it until the end of the message we have to share.

Engage A Response By Asking A Question

We want to get a response from the recipients of our emails, and the best way to get one is by asking a question that engages them at the end of every sales email sent. Simple questions like, “Are you experiencing similar frustrations?” or “Where can we best reach you?” are great ways to get people to respond so that we can continue the conversation and potentially generate sales.

If you’re looking to create a campaign with email branding that packs a punch too, we can help!

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