SEM vs SEM. Judge for yourself…


People often complain to us that they are spending a pretty penny on Search Engine Marketing without much success.

Our first question to them would always be:  “How are you using the channels you already own and control to better engage with your existing customers and new prospects?”

In most cases they would ask us, “What do you mean?” in other cases they would answer one or more of the below:

  • We sometimes send newsletters
  • We have a Facebook page and do posts and paid-for campaigns
  • We have an Instagram or Pinterest page
  • We have some videos on YouTube
  • We update our website or blog with new content or articles
  • We do Adwords and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

And our response:  “That is great but how do you make sure that your customers and prospects engage (come face to face) with your latest content or campaigns?”

In most cases we would get the same question “What do you mean?”, and our answer would simply be that having spent the time and effort to producing new content or campaigns, they certainly would not want to leave it up to chance or hope that their customers might engage with it. Defeats the object does it not?

The question is: ”But how can ensure that they engage with it?”. The answer is simple:  By including it in every email you and your staff send every day.

Make no mistake, we are not disparaging any of these channels or activities.  They all have their place in marketing. We are highlighting  the fact that, for any business to grow and their marketing to succeed, they simply cannot ignore their everyday business email. Not only is it their most potent, targeted and cost effective marketing channel, it’s one they own and control.

Our advice would always be to look after your existing customers and channels you own and control first. Then only decide on what other marketing channels you will use and what activities you will engage in.

So whilst its not really fair to compare the golden egg with an apple, it’s business critical not to ignore the golden egg sitting right at your fingertips.

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Features & Benefits Smart Email Marketing
A Channel you own and control
Something you and your staff do every day
Targeted and personalised
Effortlessly increases the marketing productivity of your staff
Has nearly 100% open rates
Guaranteed Brand Exposure and Impressions
Grows your subscriber list automatically
Know exactly when someone clicks through to your website
Know exactly what they are interested in /looking at
Schedule what people see, and when they see it
Personalises messages according to recipient profiles
Reports on and measures all engagements
Stands out from your competitors
Engages with your most valuable audience
Versatile: Can be used to market or communicate anything



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