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Harness the power of email marketing to promote your business by transforming every email you send into stunning, interactive, branded campaigns with geniusmail.

Let us tailor a marketing solution to suit your budget.

When your email looks good, your business looks good too!

Your email is one of the most cost-effective, powerful promotional tools – that you can use to build customer relationships, attract potential leads and strengthen your brand identity with your audience.

With geniusmail as part of your digital marketing strategy, our team at will ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward every time you click ‘send’!

There simply is no other medium available that matches your business email when it comes to marketing effectiveness and cost. In an ever-more competitive world, I cannot think of a business and/or marketer that can afford to take advantage of every email sent to targeted recipients who are most likely to buy from, repurchase or refer them.

Gerrie Heyneke – Marketing Director HPF1855 and previous MD of The Whitehouse, Y&R and DDB SA

Why business Mail?

As a primary means of communication, your business email is often also the first impression people have of your brand. We all know that first impressions are lasting ones, so why not make them count?

The value of Business Email as a Digital Marketing tool is undeniable:

  • Your business email is a marketing channel you already own and control;
  • Employees make use of it on a daily basis to communicate with existing clients and prospective leads;
  • It’s the most frequently used form of communication with your most valuable audience: existing customers; prospective leads; suppliers; partners and investors. This is the audience that is also most likely to buy, repurchase or refer your business to others;
  • It’s the marketing channel with the highest open, read and response rates;
  • The content is highly personalised and acutely targeted;
  • It’s business critical – users place high priority on business email (trusted sender/trusted recipient);
  • It’s one of the most cost-effective promotional tools.

Why geniusmail?

If you’re looking to match the branding of your emails with your brand identity, geniusmail is highly flexible and allows you to create campaigns that are unique to your business.

Whether you’re after something corporate and minimalist, a design with personality, or a highly interactive template that includes multiple products, calls-to-action, social buttons, and business awards – we have a solution to meet your requirements.

When needing a client-focused service provider with know-how, and technology to ensure you get the best marketing results possible, you cannot go wrong with team. Emails sent from their platform get fantastic open and click-through rates. Their support team’s real-time response rate ensures your urgent questions always get attended to. Highly recommended!

Amelia de Milander – Marketing and Communications Manager, Optivest Health Services

Why Branding Your Everyday Email Is A Good Idea:

With geniusmail, your email signature becomes so much more than just a business card and logo, it becomes a marketing tool that:

  • Makes you look more professional as a business and brand.
  • Increases the awareness of your brand within your audience.
  • Helps you stand out from your competitors in the marketplace.
  • Transforms every single one of your employees into a salesperson.
  • Drives traffic to your website and other digital platforms.
  • Generates more sales leads for your business.
  • Improves customer service levels and monitoring.
  • Increases your subscriber list and social media following.

Works where you work

Over 50% of all emails are sent from mobile devices, but having them say “sent from my mobile” does little to help grow your business.

Geniusmail scales down beautifully on mobile – so regardless of the device you’re using, all of your emails will still feature professionally designed email branding and clickable marketing messages.

Features of geniusmail

Stunning, interactive email branding campaigns that look professional, sell your business, and become your most cost effective promotional platform.

Works Across Mobile Devices

Geniusmail scales down beautifully on mobile devices, so no matter what mobile device your recipients use to read their email, all the emails you send will still feature your professionally designed email stationery and clickable marketing messages.

Custom Designs

Our Design Team will create your email branding in-line with your corporate identity, ensuring that your email is not only unique to your brand, but that it also becomes your most cost-effective promotional platform.

Easy to set up

Requires no IT, expertise or hardware – allowing you to create digital marketing campaigns in every email you send with ease.

Cost-Effective And Budget-Friendly

You can activate your email branding for all of your employees, or only specified users. No long-term contracts, and you only pay for what you use.


Apply different marketing banners across different employees and branches, or update them across your entire organisation in a single click. Target the right people, with the right offer, at the right time – every time.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is on-hand and ready to help you with any enquiries, updates or set-up requirements.

We love the Geniusmail product, which helps us understand our clients’ needs by using ‘rate our service’ banners and allows us to use our email to comply with the ‘treat your customers fairly’ act.

Alison van Niekerk – Brand Marketing and Communication, Garrun Group

The compatibility

Integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms across all devices.

Achieve consistent email branding campaigns, signatures and disclaimers for all major email platforms and clients. There is nothing to learn, no additional hardware required, and no software to install – simply send your email as you normally would.

Works for every industry










Non-Profit brings a seasoned perspective to every project.”

Rozandri Scholtz – Marketing Manager, aha Hotels and Lodges

Reporting that drives success

Instant Click Alerts

A click-through by any email recipient on ANY part of the banner or signature campaigns can be set to trigger a live alert. Alerts can be set to go back to the sender of the email, or other designated person(s) within your organisation. Alternatively, the alert can be set to go back to both the sender and designated person(s).

Google Analytics Integration

Compare automatically tagged email performance data with all of your other inbound traffic channels in one view.

Live Campaign Dashboard

Data that is captured and stored for a period of one year, as well as the reporting can be accessed for any date range within this time period. Automated monthly reporting is also available on request.

Use Geniusmail For Any Marketing Campaigns

More than just email branding – your email banners and signatures are transformed into stunning, interactive, digital campaigns.

Every time an employee sends an email, your interactive campaign banner and signature will appear when the recipient opens their email.

Intelligent Campaign Management features allow organisations to activate a pool of different campaigns with specific and targeted individual value propositions, so that they can decide on how they want to utilise them in the organisation’s email flow.

Integrate everything & make it interactive

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