Email campaigns are one of the most vital and cost-effective digital marketing tools for any business today.

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Highly personalised, specific and targeted email marketing couldn’t be simpler!

With geniusmailer, you can send stunning and impactful bulk mailers and newsletters that are specifically targeted to your audience; and track the performance of your campaigns while they are running to ensure that they just keep getting even better.

What an effective, affordable and professional team! Backed by quick response and turnaround times, they are pro-active – always providing great ideas on how to better use their products.

Lizl de Wet – Marketing Manager, Quality Filtration System

Why Bulk Mailing?

Powerful, targeted email campaigns are a critical and cost-effective way of marketing your brand and business to existing customers and potential leads. With geniusmailer, your bulk mails and newsletters become more effective marketing tools that:

  • Use the data of your subscriber lists to send automated email marketing that is targeted, relevant and delivered to the right people at the right time – every time.
  • Segments your audience into specific groups to ensure that every subscriber gets the content that they want to see most – making your email campaigns more effective than ever before.
  • Delivers dynamic content to your subscribers based on what’s best targeted at them, all from a single email send. Each subscriber will only see the email content that is relevant to them.
  • Tests a sample of your audience to see what marketing is the most effective before sending the email that works best to your entire subscriber list.
  • Tracks the performance of email campaigns and newsletters, and uses the results to create even better, more specific and targeted content for future marketing campaigns.
  • Integrates some of the applications you use to run your business, so that no matter where your customer data is stored, your email campaigns are at their most effective.

Powerful Features

Highly personalised, targeted and relevant bulk email marketing that delivers the content your subscribers want most – at the perfect time, every time. Keeping your brand top-of-mind at every step of the customer journey.

Fantastic Benefits

Put your best foot forward with geniusmailer – enabling you to deliver highly effective, beautifully designed bulk mailing and newsletters to your audience; equipping you with your most cost-effective and time-saving email marketing yet.

Targeted Campaigns

Your bulk mailers and newsletters are transformed into specific, highly-targeted and personalised emails to your audience – using customer data and performance tracking to deliver the most targeted content to each individual subscriber. brings a seasoned perspective to every project.

Rozandri Scholtz – Marketing Manager, aha Hotels & Lodges

Overview of geniusmailer

Email Automation

Email marketing is a powerful promotional tool; and the best email marketing is targeted towards sending subscribers content that is personalised, relevant to individual subscribers and delivered at a time when they are most likely to engage. With Email Automation, you can ensure that your email  campaigns hit the mark every time.

List Segmentation

Make your customer data work for you, and target specific emails to the best possible section of your audience with list segmentation – ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

Dynamic Content

Deliver content that is unique and personalised to each individual subscriber, all from one email, with dynamic content. By using the data collected on your subscribers, in-and-out of their inbox, you can send emails with content that is geared towards sharing with them what they want to see most.

Content Testing

With content testing, you can give your audience a vote on what they want to see most in the email marketing they receive from you. Using a small percentage of your subscribers, you can test different aspects of your campaigns and send the winning content to the rest of your subscriber list.

Landing Pages

Create and publish beautiful landing pages easily with the drag-and-drop editor; no development time needed, all of this can be done in a single click.

Email Editor

Whether your brand is big or small, you’ll be competing with businesses which put a lot of resources into design. That’s why it’s important to deliver email that looks stunning in your subscribers’ inboxes – and our email editor will help you do just that.

Email Sign-Up Forms

Grow your subscriber list with email sign-up forms – giving you the option to choose when, where and after which action you would like to increase your audience. The larger your audience, the more effective your email marketing becomes. Show your recipients the value of signing up to your mailing list with customisable sign-up forms.

Email Analytics

When you want do more of what works best and less of what isn’t, email analytics is the perfect tool. Learn more about your subscribers, and get valuable insights on what to do next so that you are sending your best email campaigns yet.


Metric App (for iOS and Android)

With the Metric App for iOS and Android, you can monitor your email opens and clicks, compare campaign performance, and share the results – all from your mobile device!

Guestbook for iPad

Forget the admin of collecting email subscribers in outdated ways, with Guestbook for iPad, you can grow your subscriber list easily wherever you are – even when you’re offline.


Harness the power of managing and organising the emails your business sends across multiple locations with HQ. Our tiered HQ platform hosts an approvals dashboard, campaign management, asset and template sharing controls, and multi-account reporting; so that you can manage campaigns across multiple branches with ease.

App Integrations

Integrate apps that you use to run your business to ensure that no matter where your data resides, you can utilise it to create the most powerful and targeted email campaigns that will give you the best results.

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