Share the Love with every Email in February

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Share the Love with every Email in February

It’s not always easy to find the right thing to say to your customers and partners on Valentine’s Day.

Our advice would be to treat and talk to them like you would to family and friends. In fact, we would advise you do this all year round not only on special days or events.

After 2 extremely challenging years, we and many of our valued clients have decided to make February Valentines Month this year.

So rather than showing our Customers our Love and Appreciation for only one day, we will be using every email we send in February to do this.

Remember, showing your Love does not always have to be in the form of a Free Gift, Discount or Special Deal.

It can simply be a beautiful business email and newsletter with a quote, poem or short personal message on it like.

  • We Love Doing Business with You.  Happy Valentines Month
  • You are the Heart of our Company.  Happy Valentines Month
  • Thanks’ for choosing us, We Love You.  Happy Valentines Month
  • Every day is a Great Day, to Say we Appreciate You.  Happy Valentines Month
  • You are the Love of our Business.  Happy Valentines Month
  • We Love what we do, because of You.  Happy Valentines Month
Our Team will design something special and beautiful for you, but here are some examples to get you inspired:
Valentines Banners


To make sure we craft something special for you, please contact Hanri on 081 382 9098 or