The Importance Of Email In Business


Since the commercialisation of the internet in the mid 90’s, email as we know it, has pretty much been the one constant business and communication tool in all our lives. The value addition all email users the world over have welcomed is improved broadband speed and the advent of Wi-Fi.

There’s been much talk about ‘the death of email’ but pay no attention. Email is alive and well and going nowhere. Long live the internet! What with the way the world is changing and technology evolving and email in our pockets and customers and suppliers literally at our fingertips there is no better, faster and more cost effective business tool than everyday email.

Whilst getting on with our daily grind – taking email for granted – we don’t spend enough time considering how important email is in the world of business. You need to understand how important it is to craft quality and professional email communications and how it can change and improve things within your business.

Email is a powerful marketing tool and it’s necessary to understand why email still plays such a big role in your business and commerce in general:

Business email is a quick and quality means to communicate with clients, potential customers, suppliers, staff, your bank manager and industries the world over. Sometimes, due to language barriers, time zones, inconvenience and for record purposes the telephone is just not a viable form of communication.

Email empowers you to connect with people from around the corner to around the world – quick, cost effective, professional, concise, personal with the ability to ‘talk to more than one person at the same time.’ What’re more, you don’t have to employ more people to make use of email as a medium. Today every employee – from the receptionist to the storeman and everybody in-between – has access to email.

Imagine if you will: if every email you and your staff send carries your brand and marketing message the inadvertent amount in advertising investment you’re saving. Make every email count in paying forward in building your brand while sharing relevant brand messaging with viable, existing and potential customers.

Everyday email can be the most powerful, successful and cost effective marketing and communications medium your business can ill afford not to put to use! It’s proven fact that email is the most cost effective and best forms of business marketing in acquiring new customers and new business; given 80% of new business stems from existing clients makes email an even more powerful business tool.

85% of retailers in the USA consider email to be tone of the most effective forms of marketing. In many aspects email has proven more successful, cost effective and targeted in customer acquisition than social media.

Everyday email empowers you to directly engage with customers on a personal, individual and permission basis. People tend to prefer engaging via email than other potentially irrelevant and impersonal forms of marketing.

When running a business in a highly competitive world it’s more important than ever to make ever cent count. Capitalising on marketing opportunity – at no cost to company while communicating with clients in the normal course of events – is an opportunity not to be missed!

To find out how to grow your business by turning every email into a viable marketing opportunity and make every email and cent count, why not speak to an advisor?

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